Visibility and access controls

Enabled Git access protocols

Introduced in GitLab 8.10.

With GitLab's Access restrictions you can choose which Git access protocols you want your users to use to communicate with GitLab. This feature can be enabled via the Application Settings in the Admin interface.

The setting is called Enabled Git access protocols, and it gives you the option to choose between:

  • Both SSH and HTTP(S)
  • Only SSH
  • Only HTTP(s)

Settings Overview

When both SSH and HTTP(S) are enabled, GitLab will behave as usual, it will give your users the option to choose which protocol they would like to use.

When you choose to allow only one of the protocols, a couple of things will happen:

  • The project page will only show the allowed protocol's URL, with no option to change it.
  • A tooltip will be shown when you hover over the URL's protocol, if an action on the user's part is required, e.g. adding an SSH key, or setting a password.

Project URL with SSH only access

On top of these UI restrictions, GitLab will deny all Git actions on the protocol not selected.

Note: Please keep in mind that disabling an access protocol does not actually block access to the server itself. The ports used for the protocol, be it SSH or HTTP, will still be accessible. What GitLab does is restrict access on the application level.