User account

When logged into their GitLab account, users can customize their experience according to the best approach to their cases.


Your username is a unique namespace related to your user ID.

Changing your username

You can change your username from your profile settings.

Note: If you want to retain ownership over the original namespace and protect the URL redirects, then instead of changing your username, you can create a new group and transfer projects to it. Alternatively, you can follow this detailed procedure from the GitLab Team Handbook.

Changing your username can have unintended side effects.

  • Existing web URLs for the user and anything under it (i.e. projects) will redirect to the new URLs
  • Existing Git remote URLs for projects under the user will no longer work, but Git responses will show an error with the new remote URL
  • The original namespace can be claimed again by any group or user, which will destroy any web redirects and Git remote warnings

It is currently not possible to rename a namespace if it contains a project with container registry tags, because the project cannot be moved.

User profile

Your profile is available from the up-right corner menu bar (user's avatar) > Profile, or from

On your profile page, you will see the following information:

  • Personal information
  • Activity stream: see your activity streamline and the history of your contributions
  • Groups: groups you're a member of
  • Contributed projects: projects you contributed to
  • Personal projects: your personal projects (respecting the project's visibility level)
  • Snippets: your personal code snippets

Profile settings

You can edit your account settings by navigating from the up-right corner menu bar (user's avatar) > Settings, or visiting

From there, you can: